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Credentialing and Leadership Report

August 8, 2017

  • Doug Kaufman will install the new pastoral team at Berkey Avenue MC Goshen IN September 17. Incoming pastors Joanne Gallardo and transitional Paula Killough join Dan Schrock.
  • Thank you to those who suggested people to serve as pastoral search guides with search committees. Doug is planning a training for August 23
  • The fall pastor gathering consists of three events: a Healthy Boundaries Workshop, a Pastor’s Retreat and a Pastor’s Summit. An informational brochure will be available in the next month with registration information.
  •  Marilyn Rudy-Froese and John Kauffman will lead the healthy boundaries seminar on Monday.
  •  Leadership Enhancement Team leads the pastor retreat, Monday evening through Tuesday.
  •  The pastor summit will focus on practical implications for living into Renewing a Vision.
  • All pastors are welcome to all events in this gathering. Watch for the brochure.