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Credentialing and Leadership

April 13, 2016

John Powell’s anticipated first webinar for Michigan churches will take place Thursday evening.

Pastors and congregational leaders!: Leadership Enhancement Team continues planning a November resourcing day on November 12. Speakers will address engaging locally and globally. Area councils are invited to gather locally and connect to the video input. Mark your calendars and watch for more information.

Staff renewed the Pastoral Family Assistance Program through Philhaven for the coming year. Because this program offerings include more than four free counseling sessions, the coordinator is offering an orientation webinar for pastors. This will be finalized soon.

Staff will lead a review of search, credential, and supervision processes in order to reflect on systemic patterns of racism.

Credential/installation services:

  • Matt Ropp – Dan represented conference at commissioning service for Matt’s work at Amigo Centre on March 31 at Yellow Creek Mennonite Church. ·
  • Sarah Thompson – Sharon officiated a licensing service for her work as executive director of Christian Peacemaker Teams on April 10 at Prairie Street.