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Constituency Leaders Council report

January 13, 2016

Paula Killough, Shannon Dycus and Dan Miller attended the Constituency Leaders Council meeting in October at Sauder Village in Archbold, Ohio October 19-21. You can access two reports on the event at

Mennonite Church USA and in The Mennonite. Shannon shares these extra reflections on behalf of herself and Paula:

One of the phrases that stood out for me in our gathering of CLC was someone who shared “Emotions are often the first to arrive at the table and the last to heal.”  This was an emotional gathering, each of us arriving with differing forms of brokenness and at varied stages of healing.  Each conference submitted a report and the themes emerged included: movement, uncertainty, KC resolutions, loyalty, loss, and commitment.  Holding it all, we sought healing together through harmonies and Biblical reflections, silence and broken bread, difficult truths and energizing discernment.  Our listening committee gave us several reminders as we concluded our meeting that are helpful as we acknowledge brokenness and seek healing for our conference:   Don’t be afraid, God’s love endures forever.  These are challenging times.  Tend our joy.