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Conference News

February 13, 2019

Practicing Our Hope: Annual Sessions 2019 takes place June 13-15 at Amigo Centre. Hear stories from Michigan congregations about how they are experiencing God in their communities. Attend worship and listen to engaging sermons. Check out the website for more information.

Dan made a trip to Bloomington and Indianapolis in mid-January.
Northern Michigan pastors and spouses had their annual retreat January 18-20.
Sharon Yoder is on board now in the quarter-time position working with searches and credentialing.
As part of the sabbatical from regional meetings this year, MLT invites pastors and delegates to invest that time in missional connections, or imagining next steps in doing conference meaningfully.
The last week of February, Dan will meet with mid-states leaders, attend part of Pastors and Leaders at AMBS, and attend Constituency Leaders Council.

We celebrate Anna and Brandon’s wedding on January 19.
We celebrate Rhonda Yoder’s contributions to Leadership Enhancement Team as she steps back to address family concerns.
The retiring pastors group had their first meeting February 11, after being delayed 2 weeks by winter weather.
We give thanks for the planning Missional Leadership Team and others are doing for Practicing our Hope: Annual Session 2019.

Two options for Healthy Boundaries training:
A Leadership Clinic on February 25 at AMBS Pastors and Leaders. David Miller will lead the seminar. David is a teaching associate at AMBS; he was a pastor at East Goshen. He spoke at Annual Sessions in 2018. Register online.
Mennonite Church USA convention in Kansas City at the beginning of July. A Healthy Boundaries 101 seminar is being scheduled for Tuesday, July 2. Registration for convention is open. See information here.

As a conference in Mennonite Church USA we are committed to helping pastors in Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference maintain healthy and life-giving relationships in their families and churches. Because pastors have access to people in vulnerable times, it is important that we consciously learn and maintain healthy boundaries.
Ministry Credentialing Team (MCT) is joining with other Mennonite Church USA conferences in asking that every pastor attend a Healthy Boundaries seminar every three years. MCT sponsored Healthy Boundaries 101 seminars as part of the Pastor Gathering for the last two years, and have asked every pastor to have this training by the end of 2019.