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October 9, 2019

We celebrate . . .
. . .  Colossian Forum’s work “transforming cultural conflicts into opportunities for spiritual growth and witness. People from IMMC attending the Annual conference Sept 12-14 were Eleanor Kreider, Steve Slagel, Grant Miller, Neil Amstutz, Merle Hostetler, Izaete Nofziger, Joe Liechty and Dan Miller.

. . . the Tanzania Affinity Group gathered via Zoom for their second meeting on September 26. Members are interviewing numerous people with experience and connections with Tanzania.

. . . energetic participation at All-Teams Retreat September 20-21. Rick Stiffney helped frame our work as teams planned their next steps in implementing Renewing a Vision.

. . . Frances Ringenberg’s ministry at Prairie Street Mennonite, as she moves into retirement.

. . . as four people participated in the first Michigan Pastors/Leaders Zoom call organized around The Oz Principle.