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Conference Updates

September 12, 2018

Interim staff settling in

  • Interim conference pastors, Tim Burkholder and Sharon Yoder, are engaged in their new responsibilities allowing Dan Miller’s sabbatical to be free of worries about the job. Tim is privileged to meet with conference leadership teams along with several Area Councils. Sharon is working with several pastoral transitions and will be ordaining Naomi Yoder on September 23, 2018 at East Goshen Mennonite Church. 
  • We are both very appreciative of the support that Anna Buck, the conference Administrative Coordinator, provides and between the three of us we hope that you will feel well. Along with this, we are settling in to the new conference space and are pleased that we can continue to offer a good meeting space for the Teams and groups that find our conference office location to be a central meeting place. You are welcome to visit and/or see if our meeting space at East Goshen Mennonite would work for you.

In support of congregations

  • We are grateful for the input received from the congregations that has made it possible to provide an updated directory that you can anticipate receiving yet in the month of September.
  • We are happy to announce that the registration fees for the Pastor Gathering, November 5-7, 2018, being held at Amigo Centre have been reduced from $95 last year to $30 through the use of our Pastoral Training Fund. Register HERE.
  • It is our hope that this will enable most of our pastors to attend the gathering. Congregations are encouraged to take even further steps to make this happen by providing child care to allow any pastors with young children to attend and you could even consider covering the remaining $30 as a way to remove any cost barriers that might prevent them from being able to attend.


Beginnings and endings

  • Rebecca Kauffman- ended at Paoli Mennonite Church June 30, 2018
  • Ruben Chupp – ended (retired) at North Main Street Mennonite Church July 31, 2018. 
  • Danny Jones – serving as interim pastor at North Main Street Mennonite Church during August and September.
  • Steve Thomas – serving as transitional pastor at Prairie Street Mennonite Church.
  • Naomi Yoder – will be ordained at East Goshen Mennonite on September 23, 2018, with Sharon Yoder officiating on behalf of IN-MI Conference.
  • Mark Schloneger will end at North Goshen Mennonite Church October 2, 2018. Tim Burkholder will represent IN-MI Conference at the celebration of his service in the congregation on September 30.
  • True Vine Tabernacle and Yellow Creek Mennonite have chosen to leave Indiana-Michigan conference and will affiliate with Lancaster Mennonite Conferee

From Sharon Yoder, Interim Pastor for Leadership Transitions