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Administrative Team Update

June 10, 2015

We look forward to seeing many of you at Annual Sessions next week. Frank Kandel, local planner, and many volunteers are preparing so that we can worship, confer and fellowship. We invite you to pray for our time, that we can be attentive to God’s spirit in all our activities. This is an unknown time for us (think of the biblical term of wilderness). The wilderness is dangerous and teeming with possibilities. From beginning to end we want to hold both realities before God and one another.

The Delegate Preparation page on the website continues to be updated with information for Annual Sessions, including updates about congregational closures and affiliation. Final versions of documents will be in delegate packets upon arrival, so there is no need to print items out; but this is a good way to prepare.

Following Annual Sessions, staff will have our annual archiving day, organizing records of the last year. Dan and Doug will attend convention in Kansas City, and Mennonite World Conference in Pennsylvania.

This is the last Administrative Team update in weLink. With staff changes the Administrative Team no longer exists. Our goal is to function as one staff team serving the conference using the three Missional Leadership Team staffing priorities:

  • Credentialing and leadership development,
  • Connections with staff, between congregations and with the world, and
  • Celebration.

Though the staff changes won’t officially take place until July 1, we already had our first staff meeting and began imagining ways to move into this new reality. The staff team beginning July 1 is Doug Kaufman, Vanessa Kelleybrew, Dan Miller, Mary Mininger and John Powell.

Last week we said goodbye to Greg Leatherman Sommers, conference administrator. He ended a little early in order to have down time before beginning his new job with MDC Goldenrod on July 1. Thank you to all who wrote words of appreciation and farewell to him last week! David Araujo, Brent Eash and Russell Jensen will finish their work with conference at the end of this month. Those who come to Annual Sessions, please take opportunity to express appreciation and say goodbye to them as staff people. As pastoring people they will continue to be present within conference in various capacities.

From Isaiah 12: With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.