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A Word from the Moderator…

September 11, 2019

The Missional Leadership Team (MLT) gathered for our annual retreat at the end of July where we reflected on the past year and considered the future. It was also time of orientation for our new members; three of five of us are new!

 Members include: Bob Yoder (moderator, College), Brenda Meyer (moderator-elect, Benton), Duane Yoder (treasurer, Fairhaven), Bess Fitzgerald (Kalamazoo), and Randy Detweiler (Holdeman). (Pending delegate approval, Naomi Yoder (East Goshen) will be a sixth MLTer.)

 We shared personal stories and our experiences with IMMC, reflected on the strengths and challenges of our conference, and identified aspirations for our future. We also set goals for the upcoming conference year to guide our focus, which include:

  • Leadership of the future (i.e. youth, teams, pastors, etc.),
  • Effective and transparent communication with congregations and leaders,
  • Strengthening congregation-to-congregation relationships, and
  • Engaging some immediate matters, including covenant and financial stewardship.

 More will be shared in the upcoming months at our All Teams Retreat (Sept), Pastor Summit (Nov), Regional Gatherings (Feb/Mar), and Annual Sessions (June), as well as through WeLink and other platforms.

 We are all excited to serve in this way and trust in God’s Spirit as we anticipate the future. As a fairly new group of leaders, we invite your prayers and counsel throughout this year. May God continue to journey with us all so that God’s dream can be more fully realized on this earth.