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A Word from MLT…

November 13, 2019

The MLT will be meeting again soon (Nov. 23) and will have plenty to process as we continue to reflect on the work that was done at the All Teams retreat in September.  Rick Stiffney’s time consulting with us was really significant as he helped us think about living into the Renewing A Vision commitment we have affirmed for our life together.  One thing that captured my imagination was dreaming about what we would be excited about after the 2022 Annual Sessions!  Some of the ideas that emerged from our time together that we are committed to working on are; increasing our diversity, especially among leaders, Congregation-to-congregation relationships, and Communication and Storytelling.

 I came away from the All Teams Retreat with a deep sense of gratitude for the strong group of leaders who make up our Conference Teams, and their commitment to this voluntary work that they engage in with such energy and competence. 

 Pastors will be gathering at Amigo for the Pastors Retreat and Summit, Nov. 11-13.  I really appreciate the work of the Leadership Enhancement Team in planning for the Retreat and always come away feeling renewed and energized.  The Pastors Summit day this year will be another opportunity to see how our congregations are being impacted by Renewing a Vision, as we engage in an Open Space process of conversation and vision work.   As an MLT member, I will be listening closely for things that may shape our work going forward.                     

by Randy Detweiler, MLT member, Holdeman Mennonite Church.